Tuesday, April 14, 2009

t2z - TALES - 'Bootleg' banners

t2z - TALES - 'Bootleg' banners :: TALES-SHRED720

" ** In effort to get the word about "Tales of the TMNT" and our other books, we're creating some banners that you can use to post on the various forums, blogs, what-have-you out there on the interweb. A lil' bit of guerilla marketing never hurts! Thanks for the support! "
-- Dan Berger
♥ ♥

-->> ..
being evil has it's advantages .

So thus the decree is set out by the masters of the Foot Clan ::

YOU MUST GET TO THE GROUND - ROOTSand support TALES of the TMNT virally ,verbally , virtually , veritavly , forum-ally , facebookally, Myspace-ally , in the alleys and subways, with your friends and enemies..

and when the likes of those goody two-shoes Turtles plastered all over your sigs and sonic-cyber greetings isn't good enough.

Seed the green with evil.

** Thus is offered to you, woeful supporters the alternate t2z - BOOTLEG Tales- Banners ** .

Cuz sometimes supporting the coolest comic books ever requires some tough,spiky love and putting your best FOOT forward..and helping 'Tales- ' in conquering the WORLD !!

..and um well .. it keeps Tokka outta trouble.

( for now.. ).


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