Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SPAZE :: craZe .. @ 13

-->>..as tOkKa &  terribl2z hit their 10th year of terror n' being terrible..on the interminable inTERRnet, the most misunderstood ( and i stand by that ) webcomic/project ever created .. now in it's 13th year SPAZE CAZE hits CULT Status !!

Fine example this Dookie aptly named **Dookie Dragon sez on his L.J. and some random ponderings on the Schizophrenic invader. ::

Start from page four at Heart Fence...

...And end at page one,  ..- stigmatatron (to be continued!)

Make sure you play the background music as you're reading the lengthier text. I don't think I've EVER had a web comic make me feel like this...It's intoxicating.
My personal favorite is Spaze..- Letter from a Ledge
Play the music while reading it and see what I mean. It's powerful stuff! I can't wait for the next piece of the story :D :D
..   - --

Oh. And tokka's to blame for all this. Go read
Spaze Caze and see what I mean: http://www.terrible2z.com/spaze-caze/index.htm "

.. gee whizz.

Ya know ..ya ain' got a space pot to piss in, and your freezin' your ass off cuz your Spaze heater don' gone broke down,   some one actually has the guts to step - up to the mike and speak out !!

Thank you so kindsly , Dook !!

And year 13 is only beginning. Spaze is stil ltrying to get up off the ground and into the published realm ( video game , animation ?! ). Yeh a little bit of all that.

But a small , recent side deal .. will make the Cazer take a bold new step where no schizo alien has gone before.

Stay Tooned , Schizos !! 


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