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"My Memory is like a maze where any point may be the beginning or the end. It is liek the circle : one point is as good as any other and all points have the same value. "

-->> David Chudnovsky a brilliant, caring but dying Kabbalistic Mathematician & Scientist.

Accused of being Tzadik or צדיק ,a righteous one.

His controversial views often made him an outcast in the Jewish Community of Crown Heights in Brooklyn.

.. David's young son,Ben crippled by an obscure genetic disorder passed on by his father became a great concern to the Professor as his time was running short.

What would later be referred to as a monster, David reverted to his mystical knowledge and a magical clay to create a version of the mythical Golem. A Helper-Golum to care for Ben when David passed.

The Golem would become surrogate father to Ben after David's death.

Sadly ..too Ben would be unable to survive the disease, the Golem would be unable to understand this concept of death.

Continuing to care for Ben, robbing stores and pharmacies for Ben's medicine and leaving an negative and misunderstood impact on the community as a whole. Mostly due to the massive frame of the creature, his destruction was not easily unnoticed. Though his intentions were in the right place.

Donatello's introduction to the Golem at first would be confrontational but later would resolve to a basic communication with the actually intelligent clay - being.

In fear, though .. David's old Hebrew neighbors saw the Golem as Abomination against God, for only God could create life.. not man.

Also in turn of reacting to fear .. the Golem left Ben and Donatello's side breaking away from the house and then reaching into the ground demanding to " LIVE " !! Growing to massive proportions .. the Rabbis told Donatello to 'erase' the Aleph on the creatures forehead that made up the Hebrew word for ' Truth'. Destroying the ' E ' in this word would turn the word into Hebrew for 'Death'.

The creature was seemingly destroyed. Later in the lair .. with the Golem's lifeless body on his table, Donnie checks David's old computer records and discovers the very sad truth about his condition, Ben, and the creature's creation.

Surprisingly .. the Golum would rise from Donatello's table , " I AM NOT DEAD."

Dipping his fingers into his head to wipe away the wound Don had left in his clay flesh and wiping away the ' DEATH ' word.

The symbol "π" is revealed.

"Pi goes on forever."

Thus too coming full circle David's life as a mathematician.

The Golum goes on to live, watch, and learn and live in the community that shunned him.

Thus the memories and love of David and Ben live on .. in a very special, mythical and unique way.

And in the Golum they live on forever.



GreenWillow said...

If you told me this was your own story I'd have to believe you cuz I don't remember this at all.
Cool looking illustration, either way. I like the layout now, too, fond as I am of Danny Pennington. ;o)
This looks very nice.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..Donna, think back to carefully to ** Tales - 10.


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