Monday, October 27, 2008

** ..savin' face .. 2-face

-->> ..sorry, still droolin' over this fig.

I'd been so out of touch and a word a i seem to use allot : ' disillusioned ' with BatMan for over a long time now, it took the Dark Knight to really get back in touch with things and just the coolest schizophrenic Crimester of all time.

** Src @ TNI

Topping at 150 buck, that's allot for me to swallow. I'm not totally convinced i'll be able to shell out for Hot Toy's coolest creation yet.  Least not any time soon. 

Freekin' sexy  Aaron E. i never thought would help launch so much new life into Harvey for me.The sculpt & likeness is just so damm amazing.

..then again .. 
 ..been known to save up or  work deals and goin' in 1/2 on things i really want and this ..

.. i'd consider a special purchase.  Just cuz i don't make allot of money, that doesn't mean i don't try to get some of the funkier high - end figures that i  really fall for. It does mean tho' that i have to think  a bit more creatively on how i am going to get the money do obtain them.  

Maybe i won't be able to get Harvey at all.. if that's the case .. well i'll let it go.

Then again last year i was convinced to myself i wouldn't be able to get this di-cast beauty ::

Collection of Josh B of 'Collection DX' // Bandai's Soul of Chogokin ..スパイダーマン GX-33 Spider-man and Leopaldon Robot :: base ((doubles as storage 4 Car &  accessories))

..and well here is.



Greg said...

Damn, you just had to remind me of that beautiful damn action figure. Who do I have to sleep with to get a free one? :(

~ tOkKa said...

-->> have to sleep with Leopaldon ..


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