Sunday, October 26, 2008

Early Sons of Silence ( TMNT A ) concepts **

Early Sons of Silence ( TMNT A ) concepts tOkKa

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-->> .. the neutrality and obscurity with these characters is something i'm trying to preserve.

While devised in form in a common 'pop- culture esque ' view of the Gray Alien phenom of cryptozoology and lore.. the visage is a familiar to so many.

However ..the Sons of Silence maintain a particular ( if not obscure ) and specific role in the TMNT mythos.

While that role has sometimes been unclear, that often was the whole point.

Within' their neutrality, their extra ordinary existence .. and their odd role in the TMNT Adventures books .. there is a certain ' Flat - line ' i am trying to represent as far as keeping their original incarnations intact.

The challenge is by allowing for a certain amount of personality ..just a touch, i hope i am not disturbing their initial character traits and their intended purpose within' those now classic mythos.

I consider them, while very much secondary characters in TMNT.. .. very unique in their own way and important.

..I mean they weren't in those stories ' JUST FOR SHOW ' or cuz they looked eerie or cool.

Altho' ..they are eerie and cool.



Greg said...

That's some fun stuff, man!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. ..kinda a bigger project with 'em i got approval for.

More as it develops.




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