Monday, January 12, 2009

Sons of Silence ( TMNT A ) concept :: ' Chief Son ' tOkKa

Sons of Silence ( TMNT A ) concept :: ' Chief Son ' tOkKa

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" Eons ago in Dimension X, the suppressed legends of the Ozone creatures and their foreboding presence were purged from many inner and outer galactic data bases. Infamous warlords such as Krang and Cherubae further sought to avoid these legends and the "Ozone Creatures" as well, while the Creatures themselves represented neither " GOOD nor Evil " .. their presence ALWAYS had lead to a major event, crisis , or disaster. Any time the balance of power was to be shifted elsewhere, the Creature's third party presence mysteriously had a powerful hand in the outcome of any particular event. Usually to evil one's such as Krang, this spelled trouble ( tho' his blind arrogance would have never admitted as such..).

Times change and a universe dies, fabulous creations die, and the " Ozone Creatures " are indifferent either way. Curious as they are neutral, existing everywhere yet never having existed at all. Many had claimed they came from another dimension. Some blame the greatest Wars in the galaxy's history may have been strangely propagated by them. A massive attack on Earth by the "Invaders" in 1978 has also peen linked by a " Prestigious" few to these Greys.. the "Ozone Creatures".

A few times, they had been "Thought" out of existence .. but their presence has never left the no where's and the anywheres of any given existence into infinity.

The "Magic" of the Turnstone( s ? ! ) was also an object ( s ?! ) of massive, confusing, and overwhelming power. Countless lives in Dimension X and beyond were lost by a few corrupt individuals seeking the Sphere of such unlimited and untapped energy.

The creatures appearance during strife regarding the Stone was no mere coincidence. While their intentions during these appearances was terribly unclear by almost all. Their white light was often blinding and hypnotic. Some incidents, they'd seemingly by allied with many a great evil only to blur the alliance and disappear and reappear elsewhere with a totally different direction. The confusion within' their non-existence and their simultaneous existence has not ever been explained. Abductions, experimentation's , bizarre sightings and the unexplained.. the cryptozoologists and scientists of Earth have had a Field day with these creatures.

These ' Aliens ' have had such misadventures even to cross paths four mutant terrapin warriors.

Everything about them is nothing, it means nothing, and the Ozone Creatures prefer to keep it that way. Time means nothing, explanations mean nothing. They are pure white light. They do not exist yet you are breathing them in right now.

In 1990 A.D. .. A - one Mary Bones dubbed these creatures The Sons of Silence for obvious reasons. To give them a name was also to give them a face in this Dimension. They never say a word but you can hear everything they say, their wisdom is infinite and know only to themselves .. yet they can but they can but their infinite wisdom inside your head. (( Perhaps those voices inside yours are something else entirely. ))

Reluctant they could be if they cared or knew what caring was.

Another face of their collected but unidentifiable faces was a face that had been there before time existed, before Dimensions existed. With them always but watching, overseeing, perhaps directing, but mostly observing.. a leader but not. Shamanistic and female in form .. but neither of these :: The Chief Son.

She is Representative of some of seeming authority, yet her presence is very similar to that of her fellows. Equal.

Tho' there is a distinct and aged scent .. as if a slight burning, something not quite dead nor living. A strong scent of water soft and at the same time overwhelming. Her light is greyer than that of the other Sons, she is warm to the eyes yet distant and cold to the touch. Distinct from the other creatures for she seems to wear ancient, flowing robes with haggard baubles dangling from the collar and gown. Her stance and gape as she moves, unlike the " Floating and Flowing " of her brethren could almost be seen as humanoid, tho' she phases in and out in mists and in trillions of ultraviolet colors invisible to the human eye's spectrum. He ' skin ' is worn down almost a skeleton. If she was to know the concept of time, she'd be much older than it. While she could be defined as a ' She ' ..from a people that know no definitions, she is neither male or female.

Her most distinguished trademark is her ' Walking stick '. The cane she wields. Above the collar and handle of the cane is a place-holder. In this holder floats what appears to be a Turn Stone, tho' it is unclear if this is actually the famed Turn Stone of old, a facsimile or copy, or something else. Still.. the item hold great intrigue as it appears to be in the possession of the elderly "Alien".

Perhaps this isn't even her true form. It could be possible this is just the form she chooses to appear as in this version of a so-called ' Dimension '. This to is all meaningless to the Sons. But it is what it is ( as much as it isn't ).

Her rare presence has rumored to only seen and felt by creatures of physical plains of reality and in dimensions when an overload of cataclysmic events is about to happen in some space of "future" time. Great emergencies, and and the arising of great evil.

A chaotic Oni know as The Maddnezz and his harassment of a Lost Invader on Earth has made his twisted evil known to the Sons.

The Sons of Silence :: .. their enigma is many things ..but within the confusion and mystery they exude. It could almost be defined as Schizophrenic.

Very soon, their presence will be revealed for the very first time to one who perhaps may be one of their own, the schizophrenic alien known as the The Spaze Caze.



Greg said...

tokka, you never thought of maybe getting involved in comics?

~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. o man, you kind of touched upon one of the toughest questions i can ever get. I am flattered for it tho'.

I'll try to explain the best i can and keep it simple as i can. But i am afraid it's hard to explain but i'll try.


As far as his particular character is part of an experiment and story element i will be using in a 3 - 4 part project very soon.

In the time frame of 1995 - 1998 .. i was rebounding from no longer being in cartooning school and from several hospital visits and inpatient stays at the psych-ward. Within' that time, a self-characature developed while i was in the ward. In personal journals, and artwork during those stays in and out doc visits and hospitals stays i had developed more and more upon this character. It came to the point i actually started working on a rather experimental graphic novel.

The story line was developed and the pages were created over a series of about four years tho'. The project kind of died as my education continued and my life became much more chaotic.

I kept the character alive, and goddamn the internet .. the biggest blessing and my biggest curse, in 2004 i finally started doing a semi- webcomic with the character. In between comics ..the characters from the novel have been featured in these rather grand illustrative stories.

Incredibly unconventional ..even compared to my peers in other 'WEB COMIC ' genres. I feel i've been kind of thrown into all aside from the fact that it's the standard for exposure for my work.. but also because i have no choice. Until i can actually find a way for my stories to published, my work will just have to thrive online.

I seem to have this little cult following ( i feel it's bold and weird to even say that ) for the character. But i appreciate it, even tho' sometimes people don't always seem to fully grasp the stories i'm trying to tell.

I suppose that's how it goes. When you work unconventionally .. the unconventional shall arise in full form in one's future.

When i was in cartoon school.. i was actually aspiring to go into video game design. I was so bad at school and mat ha t the time .. i was told i was too dumb and that i'd never be able to do anything like that. I kind of gave up on that aspiration.

Fast forward .. and here i am, while ultimately rejected at least i am getting interviewed and my portfolio is getting critiqued by galleries, comic book publishers , Disney, and Video Game developers. Kind of shocking in a way, i was always told i'd never amount to anything important because i was so stupid and "Crazy".

My own character's story line is spun - off from a video game.

So .. i'm rambling here and i thought i wasn't going to do that.

// Whatever the case, this character in the post here will be used in the project with my own obscure, web-established character. If that makes sense/
** **

To attempt to answer your question. ::

Yes i have thought of getting involved in comics,i've tried so many times.
100s of times over the years i've been told by many big names that there is no way conventionally i'd ever be able to get into "comics". At least not the traditional ones.

It's very discouraging and all the negativity that follows the rejection fucks with me every second of every day.

I have no clue at this point after so many mixed messages, people leading me on and the continual shunning of my work in so many outlets, communities and venues.. how the hell i'm going to be able to get my own work published.

Yeh it's prolly gonna be "SELF PUBLISHING " that is the answer, however i've not ever had the financial means, business know-how , or total energy to figure it all out in one full swoop.

The story lines and artwork shall continue as long as i am still breathing and can maintain and keep my ramshackle website together. IT's been a venue i've built myself and have maintained 99 % of the time on my own and is the main place i can express & represent my work and stories without restriction.

And again publication ..or work outside of this venue has been fleeting and sparse, but has happened on a limited case-by-case basis. Outside of some small free-lance design jobs, album cover designs, educational illustrations,clothing designs, ect. nothing really has happened. But as of 2008 that changed dramatically..even if it was on a small scale.

However.. still there's tons of " ? ? ? " in the way.. and tOkKa's future is as uncertain as ever.

But then again what's to be expected from a suicidal, schizophrenic fag south of Denver who's stuck in a basement ??

I've proved many fucking statements that have been said about me since i was a child wrong.. and well .. for the first time here, i will be utilizing classic characters i grew up with officially in one of my own projects.


Anyway .. what was the question ??



Greg said...

Oh, man, tokka! That's intense! Sounds like things are finally starting to look up a lil, huh? Fantastic luck with everything.

I'm glad to hear that through out all that, you continued to persevere. And hey, I'm really enjoying your stuff. :)

And I can't make any promises, but my cuz in law may be looking up for some new writers/artists for his next anthology, genre being horror! woohoo!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Thanks, Greg.

Things are happening , they never happen soon enough .. my luck is up down and all around.

Barely made it thru' just the past few months. Yet her ei am somehow.

I appreciate your interest, man.. means allot.


Greg said...

tokka, you're more man than the man. :)

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ah gee .. but really .. i'm a mouse..

no A RAT !!


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