Friday, November 14, 2008

My Review of Venkman Uniform Ghostbusters t-shirt

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Wearing this Ghostbusters t-shirt, you can look like Dr. Peter Venkman in his jumpsuit. Turn out the lights, and glow-in-the-dark slime spots appear, probably from when that ugly little spud Slimer got him in the first movie.

What did you do, Ray ?!

By tOkKa from South of Denver on 11/14/2008


4out of 5

Pros: Allot of fun, Stylish, Better Quality, Flattering, Comfortable, Class 4 phantasm, Freeks people in the dark, Soft, - knock offs, High Quality, Than those awful

Cons: Little heavyjust a bit, Logo a little off, Not100 movie accurate, Gentle wash

Best Uses: ECTO - COOL err, Going Out, RAD IN DARK, Casual Wear, Special Occasions

Describe Yourself: Bargain Shopper, Classic, Eclectic, Stay-Puft chubbyCHAsR, Trendy, Casual

..Ok, Ghostbuster Rookies except no substitutes.

This shirt is MUCH MUCH better than the lo-end chap - OH Dept.Store versions.

Looks better, is a little heavier.. and in and out of the dark ( or in the presence of the living or dead company ) ..the shirt is a head turner.

Stylistically ..the design took some creative liberties with the shirt. The logo is lowered to the front of the ' Jump suit ' on the tee - cuz there are no long sleeves on the arms * where the Ghost is supposed to be ). Aside from that .. even if just wearing the shirt for day - to - day it's great. People love it and compliment it all the time !!

And i do too !!

I do recommend a ' safe wash ' or a gentle wash or even hand wash for the shirt to keep it in it's best shape.

It does seem to be holding up pretty well after a number of gentle - machine washes tho' !!

The ' ecto plasm ' is 3 - d .. and again it looks so tight, much better than the Department store version where it just looks like a crusty iron on.

This one is much ECTO COOLER !! 'scuse me.. i gotta make a call..

It's not a matter of "who" .. i gotta call my mom !!

YOU TALKIN' TO ME ? ! I ain' afraid of you .. !!


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..i could never hurt him ..


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Hero_UK said...

I like the female Ghostbuster outfit too (on a female of course).


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