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11122008 - ** my date with Margo Sherman

 ..ok well not really, but let me set this up. ::

Damm Wiki .. -

The Critic : "Margo Sherman "

:: The youngest child of the Sherman family, and the only biological child of Franklin and Eleanor. She is 16 years old and is a junior at a finishing school for "untouched girls." Margo is an activist who often protests her mother's socialite lifestyle. She also cares greatly for Jay, making sure his girlfriends aren't just dating him to get good reviews and having him escort her to the debutante ball. Briefly dated grunge rock singer Johnny Wrath (real name: Jonathan Rathberg), after he moved next door to the Shermans.

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..somewhat similar to the effect of Lisa Simpson but a bit older and of a much different upbringing and back ground.

The character, unlike many in Nancy Cartwright's ..voice catalougue.. has the closest resmblence ( in my opinion ) to Nancy's own real voice. Tho' Margo's voice is just a touch higher .. still very much the same as Nancy's.

Margo has a heart of gold, and was mature beyond her years. She was voice of sanity in the wealthy but weird Sherman Family. Caring greatly not just for her brother Jay & her family.. Margo also was sincere in her care about society in general and often stood up to and for the outcasts in society and the planet, and the welfare of animals. Especially her horse. This sometimes put her in direct conflict with her mother .. a much older, afluant and aristocratic woman who lacks tear ducts. She also was pitted against others in higher authority.

Arguably Jay Sherman's sister was one of his best friends and possibly one of his best & positive influences in his support structure as far as regards to his family.

I know i am biased ..i'm part of that 'The Critic' group that keeps the old show in the ' cult status ' and Jon Lovitz is God to me.. but the beauty of the show remains strong and it it just stole my f7ckin' heart long ago. It's pretty much my ' happy place ' .. and actually many a times during art-sessions .. Critic is playing in the background .. trying to calm my maniacal nerves as i'm working.

Fun, beautifually rendered, animated, and written.. seemed to be kind of one - of - a - kind ( tho' many disagree with me ). Some of my all time favourite characters come from Al Jean & Mike Reiss's little, crazy universe.

A strong female character is also important to me, even tho' the character of Margo is embodied in that of a 16 year old girl.. i consider her exceptionally well thought out and a fine example of an important member of a supporting cast.

Margo IS one of my all time favourite characters.

Yeh i know it's my opinion.

But upon meeting Nancy Cartwright .. i'd venture to say of all her ' characters ' .. Nancy is the msot like Margo.

Kind, open-minded, observant, fun, sweet, a humanitarian, and again .. just a heart of gold.

It was severe honor to see her show based on **her book. She was performing at the Colorado College.

Just.. my god.

Sh6t .. i didn't even relaize her connection to one of her mentors .. vocal legend Daws Butler ( Yogi, Quickdraw, Elroy Jetson, Cap'n Crunch, the list goes on from here to Hoboken.. yeh i think you get it. ).

Nancy is as animated as her voices, and encourages her fans to interact with her. Fun and simple.. and just everyone loved her to the little kids in the audience, the college kids, to the elderly couples. So damm cool. It was a kind of small but pretty healthy turnout.

During the Q & A i shot up there.. wasn't even a question .. more of an observation on how i told her how much in real life like Margo she was. She was blushing. My heart was in my throat.

Little bit star-struck at the moment .. and yeh no dig on Chuckie, or Ralph, or Bart. Yeh they're fun n' all ..

But i think the whole crowd was as amazed as i was when we gotta spend the evening with the Real Margo Sherman.

11122008 - ** my date with Margo Sherman



Nick Nitro said...

to take a weird cue from the Garfield Christmas special,

"whoever doesn't love the critic should be taken to the middle of the road and shot"

cos seriously. Margo is awesome, Jay is awesome and Dukes is awesome. a GREAT show.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> of the highlights of my year, Nick ..i tell ya !!



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