Sunday, May 31, 2009

☺☻..tOkKid - Find & Color activity sheet :: Super Pac-man vs. Xamot (( 198X- ?! )) ☻☺

   ☺☻..tOkKid - Find & Color activity sheet :: Super Pac-man vs. Xamot (( 198X- ?! )) ☻☺

☻ ☺

-->> ..its all very lucid at the same time in my skull from when i was younger.

I recall making allot of activity pages, booklets, and packs for friends and my sisters. some of them i cut out items from the department store circulars or catalogs and insert them among the activities i was making on these pages.

I don't recall making these, but i remember drawing Pac-man; allot so i think i know what i was getting at.

For a period i was interested in the 1980s G.I. Joe and the Pac-Man cartoon show i was extremly familiar with.

I'm not sure why Xamot is causing havoc in Pac-Land. I even put in Mezmeron, the main boss villain of the Pac-man show.

I can prolly point out some of the other characters on the page.

Super Pac-Man has always been my favourite of the those old games, so it makes sense to me why he's leading the charge against Xamot.

I can only retcon this so much. Maybe i thought Mezmeron had to hire some outside help to combat Pac-man's forces so his friends at Cobra sent of Xamot to help take over Pac-Land.


Yeh.. why i even thought anyone would give f☺ck is beyond me as well.

.. ~ t

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