Thursday, May 21, 2009


'TANGLEFOOT' by Gottfredson, Simple vector V. by tOkKa (( 2009 ))

-->>The evil Sylvester Shyster and his cohort try to pull a fast one on Mickey & Minnie at the Race track. Minnie dreams of owning a race horse.
"But times is Tough " so the thoroughbreds are gonna be under par on Mickey's dollar. The Sylvester evil cohort overhear Minnie's wishes and one of them goes to the Glue Factory and gives the boss three bucks for whatever kind of horse that'll buy.
The Shyster tries to pull off ol' Tanglefoot and genuine equine and 100 % racehorse. Even tho' he wasn't worth the three bucks.
Slow-witted, dimwitted, sloppy, lazy , sleepy, and dippy .. ..Tanglefoot get's all ' tangled up' as he's galloping along.
But Minnie falls in love with the 'beautiful' horse and Mickey buys him.
Nothing but trouble .. and not even Horace thinks Tanglefoot has any hope at all.
but Tanglefoot has a secret, that's in his phobia of hornets !!
He hates 'em. And when even just the slightest ' BUZZ ' of a suspected bee stinger , he goes nuts and races at mach 15 for the hills !!
Mickey as the jockey actually does a pretty good job of mimicking the sound of buzzing insects.
It proves just the right trick for Tanglefoot to ' untangle his gallop and win the race for the derby !!

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Mickey Mouse and His Horse Tanglefoot  08131933 // art by Gottfredson (( 1933 ))
Tanglefoot is sad today ..

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