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WYRM  ♦ ♦ Animated (( 1990 - 1991 ?! )) [[ Courtesy of Vaughn Michael ]]

--->> K' nuff suicide sh☺t for now .. i'm hurting something impossible, noone gives a f7ck and that's fine cuz  neither do i. gonna worm my way out of it after a horrible set of weeks here with help from an old pal .
So let's have a lil' compassion for my Good friend WYRM and his some of his creepy lil' buddies livin' in the dankest parts the ocean bleu .
Ok, take it away Jaques .
The following appears courtesy of the best monster mind i know ** Sythmantis ::

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Predatory Tunicate 

Tunicates, or "sea squirts," are considered among the most unusual animals alive today. 


In its  swimming, tadpole-like larval state, a sea squirt possesses both a rudimentary brain and a
primitive "backbone" called a notochord, placing them alongside vertebrates like ourselves in the
phylum Chordata. This symbol of kinship is often short-lived, however, as most sea squirts
spend their larval stage, much like barnacles, looking for a permanent place to settle down, and
will proceed to digest both the "brain" and "spine" as they develop into little more than a rubbery,
filter-feeding bag of skin.

Though the entire group is pretty damn fascinating, the species
Megalodicopia hians kicks the
action up a notch with an appetite for more than just microscopic plankton. Standing like a
sinister satellite dish in the abyssal current, it waits for tiny animals to blunder their way into its
deceptively adorable giant mouth, closing over and digesting them in the fine tradition of the
Venus fly-trap.
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Hydrothermal Tube-Worms
When volcanic activity deep beneath the Earth's crust forces superheated water up through the  sea floor, the result is a hydrothermal vent or "black smoker;" an underwater geyser spewing
clouds of boiling-hot, toxic minerals that would be instantly lethal to most of Earth's organisms. 

Not so for certain species of giant tube-worm, which not only thrive in this alien environment but
have been known to reach nearly ten feet in length; thousands of times larger than their filter-feeding cousins in shallower, more hospitable waters. Lacking a digestive system, these worms feed through a process known as chemosynthesis, where bacteria in the animal's body  feed off raw materials such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen and methane, producing particles of organic waste that provide the worm's cells with all the energy they need.
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Osedax worms

As the largest single concentration of meat in the animal kingdom, the death of a whale is one of the deep sea's most celebrated events. The titanic carcass can take months or even years to
completely decompose, and becomes a veritable cornucopia of new life as thousands of animals flock to the free buffet - some of which have evolved to feed on absolutely nothing else.

Stripped of most flesh by squirming hordes of hagfish and ghostly white crustacea, a fallen leviathan's monolithic skeleton soon comes alive with a tentacled bouqet of bizarre organisms
known to some researchers as "zombie worms," "bone eaters" and "snot flowers". Structured more like a plant than an animal, the female Osedax worm lacks a mouth or stomach, relying on a
network of "roots" to tap into its only food source, the fatty oils contained within whale bone. Like the thermal tube worms, it relies on unique symbiotic bacteria to process this nourishment.
When Osedax were first discovered as recently as 2002, biologists were perplexed by the appearance of only female reproductive organs in every mature specimen, despite the presence of
male sperm and millions of fertile eggs.
As it turned out, the "missing" male worms were there all
along, plentiful but microscopic, living inside the bodies of the females. Continuously fertilized by her tiny inner harem, the lady snot-flower pumps thousands of eggs into the surrounding water, to
drift like dandelion seeds until another colossal corpse appears on the sea floor.
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