Friday, March 27, 2009

☠ ☠ "The Pompitous of Love" ♥ Agenda ☠ ☠ // roughz C

☠ ☠  "The Pompitous of Love" ♥ Agenda  ☠ ☠  // roughz C

tOkKa :: PROJECT ☻!?☻  ** TERRORPIN ** ☻?!☻  // Raphael : conceptual

☠ ☠

-->> If you f7cking hate me now,

i guarantee by the time i am finished ..

you shall hate me and my work even more.

My entire existence has been riddled with those who have been convinced i shall not ever succeed , i'll not ever be able to "MAKE IT" .

That freek like me shall not ever advance.

I am not my peers, i am not my mentors, ..

.. i am not better or worse ..

yet i am cast as this "THING".

Always , continuously .. never ending.. i am

ALWAYS having to prove myself !!

That i matter too !!

That my work matters !!

Excruciating the pain.

Excruciating the nervous breakdowns.

Humiliating the suicide attempts..

and the stigma comin' with being a 'Schizophrenic Fagot'

.. ..

..don't matter to them.

I'm the biggest fucking joke to them.

.. when i am dead they shall discover my work, unlike any they've ever seen before ..

..and when i die, i shall go out with a bang.

And there will still be those that loath me even after that.

I shall take my scars with me when i am gone, .. but i swear i shall also leave my own mark before that happens. A positive mark,

You shall not stop me.


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