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T-4 ..Evil Turtlebot  ..simple vector by tOkKa .. from TMNT 1 2k3  { Konami } Game

T-4 ..Evil Turtlebot ..simple vector by tOkKa .. from TMNT 1 2k3 { Konami } Game

-->> Simple vector of T-4 ..the Evil Turtlebot.. i made from one of my crusty " TMNT 2k3 " videogame screencaps.

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Playmates and 4Kids provided tons of designs for the characters of the game. Konami also filled in the games with original hero and villain characters for all 3 games. T-4 was initially just called ' Evil Turtlebot'.. but was dubbed the T-4 robot in a TMNT-animated Dreamwave comic that wasn't ever produced.

T-4 however did make it to the broadcast small screen as Baxter's evil secret - weapon that he used against Leatherhead and the Turtle's.

T-4 has all the power and skills of all four Turtles. It can emulate their fighting styles, weapons, and skills.

His shell also spits apart to reveal a booster pack to allow him to fly like Boba Fett. A large concentration of lazer energy also blasts from his central core to blast at his enemies. In the toon he forms together from floating pieces that combine until he is whole. Kind of hard to explain. He then scans the Turtle's in order to emulate them.

In the game.. the reporter who explains to the T.V. audience about a bunch of the Foot robberies of highly valuable art by the robot refers to T-4 as ' The Turtle Man '.


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