Thursday, November 20, 2008

"The INDEPENDENTS : A Guide for the Creative Spirit " : Post-Screening Panel at Comic Con 2008

"The INDEPENDENTS : A Guide for the Creative Spirit "

'Independent Film

Independent Music

Independent Art

Why does one choose to become an "artist"?

What makes an artist "independent"?

Where do they get their ideas?

Twenty-four respected creators unveil the secrets of the artistic mind, by talking about their favorite medium, the lowest of the low-brow arts: comic books.

Comic Books? Art?!?

From cave paintings dating back 35,000 years to the graphic novels of today, sequential images have been used to tell magically influential stories. In examining an art form that has, until recently, not been accepted as "art", and discovering what it is these passionate creators find appealing about comic books, a bright light is shed on ALL independent creators, whether they work in graphic novels, film, music, or basket weaving.

Join INDEPENDENTS in the exploration of the path less traveled, on the quest for the "Well of Ideas". '

My documentary ( for sale at the website in the video) screened at Comic Con 2008, and several of the subjects turned up to support the movie, and answer a few questions: Jim Woodring, Kevin Eastman, Wendy Pini, Gary Groth, Shannon Wheeler, Keith Knight, and Dr. James Kaufman. The guy in the yellow shirt is the director (me). It was a real honor for me to have them all turn out for the screening. " -- Chris Brandt

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-->> ..on one of the fist evenings of Comic-con 2008.. and after a brutal set portfolio reviews.. exhaustion & frustration from the interviews really set in. Usually at this time i'm pretty much all over the place anyway. And this particular day ( tho' it's not uncommon on any day at CON ) i had reviews upstairs and down. I met my friends during the Comic-con screening of 'The Independents'. I guess they were mostly there because Kevin Eastman was in the documentary . But upon viewing the film, i think more was to be gained and learned by all especially in the nature of the madcap world of sequential art. Even more challenging .. the uncharted territory and the independent comics scene.

I was caught off guard by Chris's film, and it really did help me to at least try to start to develop even in the minimum a bit of perspective. As an artist not only widely despised by industry and shunned by not only the community i live in, but many different artist 'communities' i still very much am an "outcast to the Outcast'. Gay or straight .. schizophrenic or not .. my frustration and confusion as to why i keep "TRYING " may be felt more than just by me.

I was not anticipating the Q & A ..mostly cuz i was not thinking about it .. but i'm glad there was. A surreal moment was had as i got up to ask my flustered question. During this video you can't really hear the questions being asked tho' onscreen Chris summarizes the question being asked for you in text.

Mine was the second question at about 6:09 during the vid. ( You might actually be able to hear me a little n' my big beak.).  I think  watching the whole Q & A is actually will be beneficial for all, also it might be of interest for those who have not seen it .. to look into  ** Chris's documentary itself.

My questions and concerns were directly adressed by Kevin Eastman, Wendi Pini  ( Elfquest ), Gary Groth ( Fantagraphics , Comics Journal),  and  Dr. James Kaufman themselves.

Perhaps rhetorical but well ::
" Why should i keep trying when it's so hard to break in ? "

..i hope this in some way may help  some disillusioned people , much like myself .. looking for direction in a heavy cloud of gray ..if it be comics or the arts in general.
Thank you , Chris for this film.. and for this unique opportunity to get some very important and special insight from people and legends in the know and that have been there.. been   Independent.

Things still remain very inclear.. but like Gary said.. maybe i will " MAKE IT " .

We'll see.


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