Sunday, November 16, 2008

Call me Dan **

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the Movie ..Movie Photo Cards #9 'Danny Pennington' ..signed by actor,& infamous filmogrophile Mike Turney (( 1990 / 2008 ))

-->> of the most intense and for me iconic scenes in the original TMNT film from 1990 ::

penultimate confrontation with Charles Pennington's ( April's Boss ) troubled son, Danny.

By this point in the film as ya know.. Danny's allied with the Turtles and Casey .. and has made amends for his horrendous betrayal of April. Saki knows he's hiding things from the Foot.

A frightening moment with the bladed leader :: Shredder faces Danny down after a humbling and perspective-changing visit to Splinter's prison at Foot Headquarters.

Saki holds his blade to Dan's throat.. as if with a mysterious sensor, Shredder detects and finds April's drawing of one of the Turtles during the vigil & retreat at Casey's farmhouse. April gave it to Danny as a gift. Shredder takes it off Dan.

Shredder's outraged at a trembling Danny .. and even angrier that the Turtles are still alive. Shredder announces to his right hand man, Tatsu ..that , "They're BACK !! " and launches an all out assault.

With this.. the film hits it's climax and prepares for final confrontations with Tatsu , Shredder and the Foot.

Danny gets Shredder's point.. and the Turtles and their family are in real trouble.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the Movie .. Bootleg Movie Photo  'Danny Pennington' ..signed by actor, & infamous filmogrophile Mike Turney (( 2008 ))

..EXTRA EXTRA ( READ ALL ABOUT IT ) special thanks to Boss Moss ..and especially to Mike Turney. guys didn't have to do this, and you did.. and i'm terribly grateful !!

(( And i'm still so damm jealous of that Sid Vicious t-shirt )) ~~ !! !!

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