Thursday, October 16, 2008

** new bicycle

-->> .. ok ok .. it's not the little kids' TMNT bike.. ;P

..when i was younger,  Diamondback bikes were the sh7t.

Ain' saying they are the most perfect, sleek  bikes on the planet.. but it's one of the few brands i actually really liked and the quality was memorable enough that yeh maybe it's that 1980s nostalgia.

Whatever the case, Diamondback made pretty good bikes for whatever they were / are worth.

I'm not the expert on this sh7t.. but i know a decent brand.

..similar to the effect of these 2 examples ..    .. that little chrome wonder of a freestyle bike was my favourite machine. F8ck ..  i remember it much more fondly than my first car.
Prolly wasn't my first bike  ..but it was the one i recall riding all over the neighborhoods and to the Albertson's store, the little old mall and the arcade, and goin' up to the Farm Crest milk store for candy.
Prolly my first realization of independence.
Maybe, while it can be a pain in the ass sometimes.. allot of the time i don't mind the fact that my major source of transport has been the bike for over 2 years now.
Pretty gullible, impressionable, and down right stupid as a kid. My maw didn't really teach us to take care of our stuff very well or to protect it, so sure enough .. within' time my favourite bike would disappear never to be seen again.

While i was grateful for my friend to provide me a bike near the beginning of the year, in fact it was pretty new .. it was a lower end 69 dollar bike. It lasted me almost all year and was ok for what it was.

But after years and years of  very low end, Wal-mart quality bikes, hand - me down's been frustrating a line to walk. While grateful for peoples' generosity ..the bikes had so many issues, problems, breakdowns , and dangerous crash rates. Guess there's only so much i could take. And the bike my friend gave me.. the low end - MAGNA .. only that could last so long.  The bike shop told me to hang onto it for parts, but that repairing it would cost much more than the bike was worth or what was initially paid for it. Some plates were missing from the crank and the front wheel was bent, as was the back .. but the back was so damaged beyond repair.  I had been parting out the bike from soem old  pieces off my ma's bike was using prior and from the bike pile of parts we have in the ' JANKYARD' here.

But well .. i guess i used mot everything up that was compatable with the Magna.

My sister took me back home after we went to the bike shop yesterday and jumped on the Craig's List.
An ad on there  :: 40 bucks .. DIAMONDBACK CURACA 12 SPEED.
Pop took me up and over to look at it and test ride it. 
I liked it allot.

Yeh , i understand it's a much different bike than from when i was a kid.. but also my needs and situation are much different now too.

The bike is older, yeh but it's really  good quality for  a decent price.
  My Pop was kind enough to spot me for part of it.

The gentleman who sold it to me restores and sells these old bikes. His garage was filled with old mountain bikes and cruisers some as old as the 1940s. One cruiser he was in the middle of restoring was some old Schwinn or something from the '50s .. was all waxed and shiny. Looked brand new off the factory floor.  He stated that one of the bikes he currently uses is a Diamondback well over a decade & attested to their quality.

..sure it ain' flashy ..but it's solid and rides nice.  No shocks.. but i mean i'm not riding this off road.
Riding it to the office and work, my ma's , Wal-mart, bike trails, taking it on the bus and the mall and sh7t. Basic stuff.
It's sturdy, and steady, also..  .. the rims aren't all cattywampus, bent up and crooked like the wheels on the MAGNA .  I might as well have been riding a clown car at the circus the tires were so warped i was all over the place like i was riding drunk or summin'.
Maybe it's older but the quality remains.
That's what counts right now, first time in along time i'm glad i made a purchase i feel confident about.
At this point it not just matter of practicality ..  but necessity. It's amazing how real quality stands the test

No big deal, noone's gonna give a  f7ck but me.. still .

Diamondbacks in general are a good brand, freekin' for freestyle or just bikin' across town.


Later me n' Willis  are gonna part out the good parts of the Magna like the bull horns, bike rack and stuff so.. i guess the MAGNA is good even still for what it's worth.

Maybe someday, when i make more money i can get a higher end bicycle .. hell or maybe a brand new Diamondback freestyle bike

K',   i don't usually make posts like this but well  ..

end testament.

(( maybe later .. i'll paint the frame something nice like black with some foot symbols on it..  X}   ..   ))


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