Monday, October 20, 2008

10192009 :: HUSTLE to DERO 72

-->>  **Jermaine Rogers is an artist of a caliber that is beyond more than this fucking Conservative Christian bastion of the dammed deserves, the Area South of Denver deserves. If the this part of Colorado continues to drive artists like him away, this place SHALL eat itself alive from the inside out  !!

Trying to understand my environment ( as far as where i was born and raised ) became my bane.. slowly i i think i am a bit, becoming less concerned about the  ' WHYs' and just keep trying to get the fuck out.

So many close calls

Seems to they are already trying to bury mother fuckers like me .. at some point, yes i have is to move elsewhere to try to continue in the pursuit of my ram-shackle career. Tryin' to make due best i can where i am at at the moment maybe all i can hope for at this moment. many despise anything i create, perhaps .. down from Mile High .. many people hate art in general that just ain' garnered towards to anything related to Jesus, pretty cottages in the country, and rowsof posies.

Hmm ..

..crappy blogspot refuses to give these posters decent visual justice.. (( ** src )) favourites remain .. DERO ..

..and there's a small issue of toys .. 

DERO Vynil Figure rough turnaround - mini print card by Jermaine Rogers (( 2004 ))

06272008 -Jermaine Roger's "Dero 72 Studios & Gallery" ::  DERO FRIENDS

..when friends visit from a time you'd not seen them in 4 - 5 years .. there's only one studio one would want to take them to.

06272008 - Tokka late 4 formal Opening of Jermaine Roger's "Dero 72 Studios & Gallery"  A

Current  DERO W  I  P by Jermaine ..

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Josofa said...

I would have never known he was even there unless you showed me. As someone that used to live in Colorado and is now looking at it from the outside. I really don't know what's going on in that area. It seems to have improved in lots of areas but it's still the same in a lot of ways.

I wish him the best but I doubt he will get much traffic at that location, simply because it seems so out of place for that area. He needs to paint something with Dero eating a coyote or something, than maybe it will sell.

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